Friday, 4 October 2013

Moodle 2: Features for Teachers

It's typical!
You wait for one PowerPoint and 2 come along at the same time!!

For various reasons, our organisation is only now starting its move from Moodle v1.9 to v2 (v2.5 is the current stable version available). I've been looking for a good presentation for our teaching staff covering the new improved features.

There are lots of 'Top 5 Features' presentations but I wanted a quick overview of all the new bits that teachers should look out for as they start to test the new setup. None of these really did the job I wanted.

I sat down and created my own presentation (see slideshare below).

Having completed my presentation, I then came across another one that would have done nicely, even if rather American in flavour. It is more detailed than I wanted but I'll give the link below because it can act as a second step.

I'll keep updating my presentation as new versions and features develop so do come back after each major Moodle revision.
If you want the full detail of changes, use the following link and change the _2.0_ bit to _2.1_ or _2.2_ etc for each revision so far:

I feel the weekend is calling - TGIF

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