Friday, 30 August 2013

Embedding Youtube Video in PowerPoint 2010

As resources become much more media rich, learners (and teachers) need to know how to find or create audio and video clips and then use them in their teaching/assessment materials.

This post describes how to embed a Youtube video into PowerPoint 2010 and what to do when that doesn't work!

In PowerPoint 2007 the only video you could easily add to your presentation was one that you had on your computer as a video file. Techie types were able to create and edit a Shockwave Object to embed a Youtube video (see later for details).

Firstly, find a Youtube video that you want to embed in your presentation.

Underneath the video, click on Share and then on Embed.

Make sure that the Use old embed code box is ticked and then copy the code and paste it into the PowerPoint dialogue box (see below for how to open the dialogue box).

PowerPoint 2010 added an option to use 'Video from website' (click on Insert and then under Media click on Video then on 'from website').

A dialogue box opens ready for you to paste in the Youtube embed code. However, the embed code from Youtube DOESN'T WORK (at the time of posting) but there is a fix.

The embed code looks like this:

In the PowerPoint dialogue box, edit your embed code as shown below:

value="// should be edited to value=http://
src="// should be edited to src=http://
version=3&amp should be edited to version=2&amp (this appears twice)

Click on the Insert button and a black box appears on your PPT slide.
Right click on the Movie box and select Preview. The movie start image and controls should appear ready to play.

If you prefer, you can watch Ron Bosch's movie of embedding a video and fixing the code problem:

or embedded in Blogger (this does work OK :-)

PowerPoint 2007
A friend gave me the following PowerPoint that contains a slide with a Shockwave object that you can copy into your PPT 2007 presentation and then edit for your chosen Youtube clip. The instructions are on the slide also.

Download and save a copy of the PPT file from Google Drive:

Have fun with these over the weekend ....


Friday, 23 August 2013

The Qualities of a Good Teacher and Learner (HE in FE)

Towards the end of the last academic year I asked for the thoughts of our HE staff on what makes a good teacher and learner. I asked;

 What are the main qualities which make a good (I guess I mean effective) teacher?

I used an open ended question so that I wouldn't influence the responses. I was however interested in what staff would say about the use of computers and the Internet (and maybe mobile devices and Apps).
There was quite a diversity of words and phrases used with relatively few items appearing in all responses.

For the teacher, a few words were mentioned by a number of respondents:
  • knowledge
  • patience
  • humour
  • challenging
And for the learner, words mentioned multiple times:
  • motivated
  • confident
  • willing
  • interested
The following paragraphs show what roughly 10% of my HE teacher sample think make a good teacher and learner.

A good/effective teacher is:
  • Patient with a sense of humour and somebody who respects and is interested in students as individuals and is fair and consistent.
  • Approachable, caring, honest, encouraging, positive, constructive, enthusiastic, engaging, inspirational, innovative, adaptable and challenging.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable in their subject area and knows how to make difficult things understandable, interesting, enjoyable and relevant.
  • Able to see things from a student perspective and welcomes student input and collaboration while empowering and instilling confidence without pretending to know everything.

A wordle analysis of replies about teacher qualities

A good/effective learner is:
  • Willing to make an effort, get involved, make mistakes, accept advice and support and has a desire to succeed to the best of their abilities.
  • Receptive, enthusiastic, positive, interested, responsive and resilient.
  • Self-disciplined to meet deadlines, manage time, attend class, listen and has the confidence to question and challenge.
  • Able to study, use resources and demonstrate their learning.

A wordle analysis of replies about learner qualities

Qualities common to teachers and learners:
  • Effective teachers and learners are good communicators, they take time to listen, are organised and manage their time well, confident, resilient and use reflection to improve their performance.
I don’t think too much can be inferred from the fact that the ability to use computers and the Internet to teach or study/learn effectively was not mentioned. It may be that this is being taken for granted, in the same way that being literate and numerate were not mentioned. The question itself asked respondents to focus on qualities, probably understood by respondents to mean ‘personal’ qualities, rather than specific skills or competencies.

The list itself however is informative - how many of the qualities shown do you posses?

(and a Bank Holiday Monday too - :-))))

PS My thanks to those people who took the time to reply (about 18% of the FE staff that also deliver HE courses).