Friday, 15 March 2013

Of Cubs and Men

I really wish I had a photograph of me aged 10 proudly showing my cub scout badges sewn neatly, by my mum, down the arm of my uniform.

I could tie knots, make Meccano models, give first aid and, I think, I was proficient at doing things with an 'A frame'.

What carefree days they were.

Many many years on, having put childish things aside, I have just created my own digital badges to represent different levels of skill in using the GoToMeeting software being introduced at work.

Primarily designed as eMail signature images for staff who have been trained as 'attendees' or 'presenters' the badges would help raise awareness of the new software.


But how will staff respond to the badges?
Do real men, or women, collect badges once they've grown older?

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