Friday, 18 May 2012

Moodle Tool (& Pedagogy) Guide for Teachers

Last week I realised that so far in my Friday posts I haven't included probably the best Moodle handout I've ever seen. The Moodle Tool Guide created by Joyce Seitzinger a few years ago (May 2010) presents ease of use for the main Moodle tools BUT most interestingly, relates these to pedagogy (ie teaching techniques/approaches).

Most staff development for Learning Technologies focuses on 'which button to press' to get the technology to work. There is however a serious lack of resources that guide teachers to appropriate and effective teaching and learning techniques centred around specific digital tools.

There is a lot of research literature and erudite papers about 'ePedagogy' (if such a thing exists) but most busy teachers I think want advice that is more easy to engage with.The teaching approaches listed are fairly basic:
  • Information Transfer
  •  Assess Learning
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Co-create Content
  • Bloom's Cognitive Hierarchy
 However, the list is perfect for the busy teacher.

The handout is here:

The PowerPoint slide used to create the pdf is here:
(ie you can edit the PPT to create your own customised guide)

There is even a Flickr group to share photos of the guide in use (Joyce is very keen on social endeavour):

A Moodle 2 version is in development by Gavin Henrick. I'm sure for those of you who have 'gone M2' there will be lots of discussion to come. Me? I am going TGIF.

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