Friday, 13 April 2012

The Friday 13 Feature - Unlucky #1

Seen as unlucky by many people (surely they can't all be wrong?), The Friday Feature celebrates superstition and classic examples of happenings that most would describe as unlucky.

You cannot get more 'unlucky' than becoming extinct!
Today we celebrate the Dodo - gone but definitely not forgotten.

First recorded by explorers in the late 1500's the last Dodo died, and a species became extinct, in 1681.

The Dodo (originally Didus ineptus) was unfortunate to have evolved as a result of geographic isolation and to have died out by direct and indirect human interference.

However, the phrase 'Dead as a Dodo' ensures it's life and fate will live on.

Also, the nice people at Dodo Towers also ensure that the Dodo will not be forgotten.
See for a tour of the towers.

You might even want to have you very own personal or academic Dodo Diary (perfect for doodlers)


P.S. Many years ago I formed the Dodo Diners Club for friends who were Biology Teachers in London. Twelve of us met for dinner on Friday 13th with a 13th place set for our 'absent guest'.
Rather fittingly, the Club met only once!

Take care out there ....

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  1. my uncle bought me a dodo pad diary for xmas, i made notes about a computergame ,the computer died. my job went sour now im in a worse one , i just found the pad with some papers from my old job