Friday, 16 March 2012

Room For Improvement - 1

We have had visitors from overseas this week as part of an exchange programme.

Yesterday was my turn to meet with them.
We talked for a while about the Learning Technologies we use and the 'big picture' that underpins our choices and approaches.

The 'big finish' was for me to show them our recently acquired stereoscopic 3D project software and learning resources (more on this another Friday). They loved the Bee that appeared to be sitting in mid air just in front of them. A little less love for the giant bird eating spider looking them in the face.

I loaded up one of the Immersive Environments and as I watched the 'loading in progress" message I realised that showing the World War 1 trenches environment with German and Italian visitors showed some room for improvement!!

I'm fairly sure this won't be the last in the RFI theme.....


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